Who are we?

Octopus is a living character representing our team with its 3 hearts and 9 brains.
We make fun Science videos in a local language to spread science and serve the vast Pashto speaking-community of over 9 million people.

We believe understanding science is an absolute necessity – the technology of tomorrow is based on today’s knowledge of science. Therefore, we want to help reach with our entierly free videos for all the 6.69 million enrolled students of KP!

Why are we doing it?

We are trying to root out the pressing academic problems through our videos having daily life examples in colloquial terms and gripping illustrations enumerated as follow:

  1. Language barrier
  2. Costly tuitions
  3. Out-dated science facts and theories of (old) books
  4. Non-specialists poor teachings

*all the above-mentioned targeted problems are based on our survey.

But why in Pashto

Because Pashto is cool, also one of the hardest languages in the world and many can’t teach using it.

Also, we like to consider the statistics as well. Among 200 million population of Pakistan, 44 million people use the internet and according to our survey 54% of people watch online videos to learn science, 64.8% want them in Pashto.

*all the above-mentioned targeted problems are based on our survey.


Baby Octopus Programme, July 2019.

KP-Impact Challenge Cheque Distribution Ceremony, June 2019.

Regional Science Olympiad, February 2019.

Women Digital Empowerment , January 2019.

KP Impact Challenge, December 2018

Basecamp Assembly, November 2018.

021 – Disrupt, November 2018.

Demo Day – Revolt, November 2018.

Mocks- Revolt, November 2018.

Revolt Sessions, September 2018.